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Binary option is the term used in the context of financial markets, it refers to those options in which payoff is simple that is you either you make profits or loss the entire investment and there is no third possibility and that is the reason why they are called binary. In order to understand it more clearly let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of binary options –

For example, volume and market volatility might be expected to change significantly after a particular data release or event. If a trader feels that trading volume will be particularly low, or particularly high, then the Touch option allows them to take a position on that view. Advanced traders will be able to use One Touch options successfully throughout their trading day, others may specialise. Likewise a market may run flat for a period running up to an announcement – and be volatile after.

Our team of expert reviewers have sifted through a lot of data and listened to hours of video to come up with this list of the 10 Best Binary Options Online Training, Courses, Classes, Certifications, Tutorials and Programs .

Binary Options Beginners Guide : Nadex 929+ 204+ 3. Course Name Enrolled Students (Count) Reviews (count) 1. Binary Options Trading Ninja: The Bandit Strategy 12046+ 129+ 5. Binary Options: Trading Strategies, 90% Accuracy and Signals 1911+ 88+ 6. BINARY OPTIONS STRATEGIES – No More Loss FREE For 14 Days 450+ 1+ 2. How to Trade Binary Options Effectively – All Levels 1766+ 49+ 9. Binary Options Trading Ninja: The Big Ben Strategy 6444+ 57+ 7. Master The Psychology of Forex & Binary Options Trading 199+ 55+ 8. Profitable binary option trading strategy 1166+ 45+ Step-by-Step Binary Options Trading Course + eBook (2020) 736+ 199+ 4. Binary Options Blast Off Course-Intermediate and Advanced 230+ 47+ 10.

The biggest disadvantage of binary options is that one can lose his or her entire investment in one go and it gives no second opportunity, so for example in the above case if the individual is wrong and NASDAQ close in green than the investor will stand to lose the entire $500 in a single day. Another disadvantage of these options is that they are unregulated in the sense that there are no regulatory authorities to overlook the system and sometimes an individual even if he or she gets profits is deprived of the money by the binary options brokers and hence selecting right and trusted binary option broker is a must while doing binary options trading. Another demerit of binary options trading is that it comes under the category of speculation and no matter how much analysis one puts the luck factor will always be there implying that even after doing hard work on analysis an individual can never be sure about the outcome as time period is extremely short unlike other forms of investments like real estate, fixed deposits, stocks, mutual funds and so on.

The ‘binary’ element of the One Touch option remains, as does the limited risk. In order for a "Touch" option to finish in the money; the asset value must touch, or go beyond, the barrier (or ‘target’) level at least once prior to the expiry of the option .

Another advantage of binary options is that one gets quick returns from these options, unlike other instruments like fixed deposit which give 3 to 6 percent in a year or stocks which give 10 to 20 percent average returns in a year. Another advantage is that one can predict the stock market movements on the basis of various factors like sentiment of investors, economy conditions, liquidity of market and so on and hence in a way it is not 100 percent gamble which is the case with other forms of gambling where the outcome cannot be predicted as they are purely based on the luck. In simple words, binary options is a mixture of both luck as well as analysis of an individual. So in the above example if an individual gets it right than he or she will get 100 percent return in 1 day. So for example, if an individual by depositing $500 predicts that NASDAQ will close in red and payoff on getting the right prediction is $500 and NASDAQ actually close in red than he or she will get this return on the same day. The first and foremost advantage of these options is that one gets high returns from small investment because if the individual gets it right then there is nothing like binary options.

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