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UEFA Championship originated in 1971. Competitions became big interest of fans. In terms of prestige this cup is inferior to the Champions League. But fans enough. Matches tournaments often considered bookmakers. If desired customers may bet on matches of UEFA Cup with betting company.

Championship Emerges

In the middle of the last century created the Fairs Tournament. Matches has been for 16 years. Ideas about the championship belong to to three people:
• Stanley Rose;
• Ottorino Barrasi;
• Ernst Thommen.
Base consisted single principle. Play in the tournament have the opportunity only players from one roster per city. Thus a couple of teams from the German capital to fight for the title of the best could.
First Tournament took place 3 years. Matches on during fairs. Leadership as a result won by the team of the capital of Catalonia.
Second tournament carried out according to a similar rule. Participate had the opportunity compositions from cities where there were fairs. But there were differences without differences. Organizers allowed compete professionals. Cup started to be held annually. Increased number participants.
Championship won great importance. According to the results UEFA began to hold games under its own auspices.

First years

In 1971 the winner was the UK team. Championship changed name. Connections to fairs was no more. In the early years leadership won by footballers from European north:
• Belgium;
• the Netherlands;
• Sweden;
• Germany;
• Great Britain.
Later situation changed. The UEFA Cup became a battlefield for southern teams. Twice win win Real Madrid. Since the end of 1980s 8 times first place went to Italians.


The main award was the silver bowl. Weighs the goblet 15 kg. Made product in Spain. Developers didn't put handles. This increased the appearance of the trophy.
Prize transferred. Formerly award could be given forever upon fulfillment of any of the conditions. Norms existed 3:
1. Roster won three draws in a row.
2. Football players won the trophy 5 times per cycle.
3. Each cycle begins after of the last issuance of the cup for perpetual storage.
Before the rule change specifiedconditions managed to fulfill exclusively mingianos.
At the beginning of the last decade, the organization requirements replaced. From that time norms changed. Now champion takes copy of cup. Main trophy located by UEFA.