Oscar Isaac On Marvel s Moon Knight : What If Peter Sellers Was A Superhero

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HONG KONG, July 5 (Reuters) - Macau reported 89 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, taking the total to more than 900 infections since mid-June, as authorities in the world's biggest gambling hub race to contain its largest outbreak since the pandemic began.

To perfect a timid British accent, the actor began with UK comedy shows like Stath Lets Flats and The Office, as well as comedian Russell Kane and curmudgeon Karl Pilkington (sidekick to Ricky Gervais in various TV and podcast projects). He also listened to the accents of the Jewish community of North London.

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Part of the appeal of the role for the Star Wars and Dune star was to put a slightly different spin on Marvel's trademark quippy humor from wiseacres like Tony Stark and Peter Parker. "There was a chance to do a different type of comedy," said Isaac of his bumbling character, "with somebody that doesn't know they're being funny." 

'Our community is deeply diminished by the utterly appalling and senseless loss of Jailene, who held such great promise for a tremendous future. Our hope is that the quick capture of this heinous perpetrator will bring some comfort to the Holton family,' officials said.

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Because each scene was so meticulously choreographed, Isaac missed one of the most fun things about acting: sparking off the other performer to create unexpected moments. Still, at least his brother did the accents too.  

year. Authorities announced a week of lockdowns starting Monday after recording more than 1,500 infections in the past three weeks despite multiple rounds of compulsory mass testing of the city's 650,0

Jailene Holton, 21, of Philadelphia, was shot while standing in the back of the Philly Bar and Grill on June 28. She was out for a night on the town with her friends. Her family said she rarely went out and that she was the group's designated driver 

'We started at 5:30 Wednesday morning, exhausted some leads here in the city of Philadelphia. We had some other things we needed to run down in South Jersey and, lo and behold, we found a spot for him at Harrah's Casino.  

Isaac's English accent provides the series with lots of comic highlights, but the show's Egyptian mythology and heritage gives it a weightier foundation. Director and executive producer Mohamed Diab made the powerful films Cairo 678 and Eshtebak (Clash) in in his home country of Egypt, and even though Moon Knight is a fantasy adventure he sees it as an intimate story.

The hapless English-accented Steven provides the humor, but the action kicks off when tough guy Marc Spector takes over the character's body. The brooding Spector is more what you'd expect from a violent superhero. In fact, Isaac said he "leaned into the stereotype of the tortured, dark vigilante guy ... [except] with this little Englishman living inside."

The show is set in London, and when Isaac asked why, he was apparently told Marvel had too many characters living in New York. Isaac wanted to follow that thought even though it meant departing from the comics: "What if we make him English?" Isaac suggested. "What if Peter Sellers was approached with a Marvel project?"

Marvel is certainly getting value for its money from Oscar Isaac. New superhero show Moon Knight mixes Marvel's trademark cocktail of action and humor with spooky horror and intriguing Egyptian mythology, and Isaac embodies that mix of styles by playing multiple roles as a normal guy who discovers he's secretly a superhero -- whether he wants to be or not.

The government has been hesitant to close casinos due to its mandate to protect jobs.
The industry employs most of the population directly and indirectly and accounts for more than 80% of government revenues.

"Even if the outbreak in Macau gets under control, it will likely be another few weeks before Macau-Zhuhai can remove quarantine requirements," said Terry Ng, analyst at Daiwa Capital Markets in Hong Kong.

'When are people going to get fed up with this reckless shooting in the city?' Holton's uncle, James, asked. 'Nobody does nothing. They get a mouthpiece for 20 seconds on TV and that's it and everybody's running around like the Wild West out here. I mean cowards!'

'Once he realized we were there and weren't going away, we were able to get him into custody safely without anybody getting hurt,' said Robert Clark, supervisor of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force. 'We do believe that he knew he was wanted,' he added

Isaac plays Steven Grant, a meek museum employee who discovers that sometimes he can be a whole other person. By night, he turns into a badass international mercenary -- and if that wasn't enough, this split personality appears to take orders from an ancient Egyptian god of the moon. 

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